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Lotto 649

One of the most popular of lotteries is the Canadian Lottery known as the lotto 6/49. This lottery was started back in 1982. When this game first came out, you were able to buy a ticket for $1. This lottery has been around for over 22 years and now the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation feels it is necessary for them to raise the price of the lottery tickets. The new price that they came up with after interviewing approximately 4,500 Canadians was $2 per ticket.

When the 6/49 started, the jackpot hardly ever went over $10 million but today it seems to start at $4 million and can go up to and even exceed $25 million. You can see how it makes sense to increase the price of the tickets. The end result is well worth the extra dollar as you will be helping to double or triple your winnings.

The rules of the game are really very simple. Many can figure it out just by the name lotto 6/49 alone. There are a total of 49 numbers and all players are to choose 6 numbers out of the 49 numbers. If you do not want to choose your own numbers, you can go with a quick pick where the computer chooses the numbers for you. You will then choose how many draws the numbers will be good for. One draw is equal to 1 ticket, which is $2 each. So if you wanted to have your ticket be good for 3 draws then you would have to pay $6 for that ticket.

This Canadian Lotto is drawn 2 times a week, giving the players twice the chance to get rich. The drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday of each week. The lotto officials draw a total of 6 numbers and one bonus number. In order to win the jackpot, you need to match all 6 of the numbers. If you win by matching 5 numbers and the bonus number, you will not win the jackpot but you will win a hefty sum of money. The lowest combination of winning numbers is 2 numbers with the bonus number and the amount you would win would be $5.

This lotto is similar to those found throughout the United States and is considered the most popular lottery in all of Canada. If you would like more detailed rules and regulations then you can check with the local lottery officials or you can obtain a copy of the rules and regulations from the facility that you get your tickets from. It is said that your chances for winning the jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816 and your chances for winning any prize in this lottery are 1 on 32.3.

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